Love Is

Ten years and a week ago, I went to my friend’s wedding. The friend is 10 years older than me, so he was the same age that I am now. I remember being a guest at his wedding and feeling so young like I was a witness to a grown up world. He seemed so … More Love Is

Weigh Back When

The first time I remember ever interacting with children my own age was in playschool. The playschool was in a church near where my nan lived and I remember my mum used to take me to my nan’s early in the morning, and she’d then walk me to playschool or, sometimes, we got the bus. One … More Weigh Back When

13 Reasons

There’s a thing going round at the moment – the #13ReasonsWhyImHappy Challenge. So after such an emotional post the other day, I’m going to take part. So without further ado – and in no particular order – I present to you the 13 reasons why I’m happy! 1) I’m getting married in 41 days! Did you … More 13 Reasons

I’m Not Worried

Before 18 months ago, my friend’s dad died. Not a happy start, I know, but bear with me. I was at home. My fiancé was in Birmingham, drinking at the Christmas market with friends, and I was waiting for him to call or text to say he was on the train and he wanted to … More I’m Not Worried

Rite of Passage

Last Saturday marked exactly 8 weeks before my wedding day, and I celebrated by having a hen do with my friends and family in Liverpool. It was a bright and colourful weekend filled with alcohol, friends, and, of course, feather boas. I had been worried at first about how well everyone would gel together. I … More Rite of Passage